Welcome to Trident eBussy

Trident eBussy is the official eBussy agent for Surrey and Hampshire. Established in 1963, Trident Garages is a case-study in how a family business can survive and thrive in today's competitive market. We focus on strong customer care with an almost obsessive attention to detail.

The first fully-functional eBussy will be revealed via live stream at 8.07pm on 7th July 2021

Dark side view of the eBussy prototype

eBussy - not a car, but more...

The eBussy (Electric Bus System) - is the most innovative and modular light vehicle in the world. It generates a daily range of up to 124 miles via its integrated solar modules and regenerative braking.

Its maximum range without charging, with full battery and solar modules is over 373 miles. With more than 10 modular and interchangeable bodies, it can be transformed into a bus, tipper truck, box van, transporter, pickup truck, station wagon pickup, cabriolet pickup, or camper van, and all with a choice of either a standard or off-road chassis.

The eBussy features permanent, electronically-controlled all-wheel drive with over 1,000Nm torque and an innovative all-steering system. With an unladen weight, without batteries, load or superstructure, of just 450-600kg, the eBussy can still carry up to 1,000kg of load.

Your eBussy may be further enhanced with optional features, such as digital exterior mirrors and air-conditioning - which can even cool your eBussy when not in use, by drawing power from the solar panels. Better still you can control this, and other features, using the intuitive eBussy Smartphone App.